I'm a coach, mentor, practitioner and ambassador for the safe and responsible use of sacred shamanic medicine and psychoactive substances, for the purpose of healing, exploration and transformation.

I created this site to assimilate what I’ve gained on my own medicine path & self development journey - to shine my light and help others illuminate their own!

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65 Questions to Contemplate Before and After the Psychedelic Experience. 

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The problem with using Shamanic Medicines and Psychedelics is that people often set themselves up for a challenging transition back into daily life.

PREPARATION and INTEGRATION are key elements to ensure lasting change on our paths of personal evolution.

But when it comes down to it, how do we make sure we're set up for success?

How do we ensure we're not going to backslide and lose the progress we've gained from the psychedelic experience?

Part of MY mission is to help guide YOU on your own journey, ensuring you gain the best tools, skills, strategies, maps, models and guidance to maximise your results and experience.

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