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In this six page eBook, I've accumulated and distilled what I think are some of the best questions from all of the events, workshops, courses, seminars and ceremonies I've attended. 

I've found contemplating these questions to be incredibly powerful either before or after working with sacred medicine and psychedelics.

You might feel like some of these aren't necessarily relevant to you at the moment.

Or perhaps you might feel like you can't find the answers to some of these questions...

I can assure you that you'll gain more clarity in your responses as your path of self discovery, adventure, healing and growth continues to unfold.

Thanks again for being here and supporting the new era of psychedelic renaissance. 

- Chris

Sacred Psychedelics:

Everything You Need To Know For Life-Changing Shamanic Journeys

Smooth integration starts with great preparation.

This course is designed to help you best prepare, integrate and explore the world of psychedelics and sacred medicine. Whether for self discovery, healing, curiosity, growth, or transformation, these tools can act as profound catalysts for peak states of consciousness, allowing change to occur - sometimes gracefully, sometimes with great challenge - whether we’re ready for it not.

This series of videos walks you through the right tools, tips, skills, strategies, maps, models, and philosophies so you can make sure the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual puzzle pieces are in place to ensure safe and beneficial shamanic journeys.

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