Our language is complex and diverse when it comes to articulating the world of sacred medicines, entheogens, and psychedelics.

So too are our experiences.

There are many factors that contribute to how well we integrate our experiences into our daily lives, and how well we move forward in a way that feels beneficial to us:

  • Our perception of reality

  • Our intentions

  • Our attention given to the preparation stages

  • Our ability to navigate both profound and challenging experiences safely and effectively

  • Our emotions and feelings before, during and afterwards

  • Our beliefs, thoughts, and behaviours

  • Our relationships and our environment

My ability to support you through the preparation and integration stages of your own journey is founded on a deep exploration within my own personal journey of healing, growth and transformation, and an interdisciplinary approach of incorporating ancient technologies and philosophies, with modern science and practices, to align to greater levels of health, wellness, virtues, values, heart, spirit and our own wisdom within.

I’m accredited as a Psycho-Spiritual Transformation & Addiction Recovery Coach with BTTY, primarily through the lens of working with psychedelic medicines, alongside spending a considerable amount of time unravelling and studying many related disciplines, including and not limited to psychology, philosophy, behavioural therapies, emotional release techniques, and practical approaches to healing and growth.

Having directly served and guided 250+ individual people through challenging medicine circles, as well as assimilating many years worth of puzzle pieces to create an online course for those seeking to better prepare, explore and integrate entheogenic journeys, there are several ways in which I can be of assistance.

Some of the ways in which I can support you include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • Making sense of your psychedelic experiences and how these fit into the narrative of your life.

  • Creating a safe space to deconstruct challenging journeys, bad trips, and process unresolved feelings.

  • Bringing awareness to dysfunctional patterns, programs, beliefs, behaviours, environmental triggers and how to effectively move forward.

  • Clarification of direction through accountability and the implementation of various practices and processes, specific to you and your journey.

There may also be ways in which I may not be able to fully support you, where I will encourage you to seek out the appropriate therapist or modality to help you move forward.

Sessions are conducted via skype or zoom, and generally last 45-60 minutes. The contribution is based on a sliding scale system, starting at $70 per session, with a suggestion of $100 per session in respect for my time, energy and experience.

If you feel like you could use a little extra support when it comes to preparing to use entheogenic medicines, or integrating peak consciousness experiences, please use the form below to get in touch.

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