Over the past eight years, I've been exploring the path both ancient and modern practices, with a multi-dimensional approach to healing and transformation.

As a sacred space facilitator, kambo practitioner, modern day medicine man, educator, and a bunch of other roles that I slip and slide into, I've been deepening my work by spending time with elders, wisdom keepers and maestros both in Australia and South America.

With a background spanning Buddhism, bio-hacking, trans-rational structural behavioural therapy, addiction recovery & psycho-spiritual transformation coaching, and even as a musician in touring bands, I’ve been extremely blessed to live a diverse and rich life.

I’ve explored many modalities and topics over the years, ranging from psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, sexuality, health, nutrition, men’s work, various movement practices, conscious parenting, and of course the healing power of nature’s spirit medicines and psychedelics.

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Any and all messages asking about where to obtain prohibited goods will be ignored and promptly deleted.

Deep thanks for your understanding.

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