Discovery The Yoniverse: Unlocking The Secrets to Women's Anatomy & Arousal

Medicine Path Discovering The Yoniverse

My thoughts on attending an eye opening sexuality workshop...

Discovering The Yoniverse: A workshop facilitated by women, exploring the nature of tantra, erogenous zones, the sacredness of the feminine, and the mysteries of women's sexuality and orgasm.

If anyone ever has the chance and calling to explore something like this, don't hesitate.

Healthy sexuality is obviously (maybe not so obviously to some?) massively repressed (albeit slowly changing) in our Western culture, with a severe domination of the masculine over the feminine, and for the most part, the objectification of women for male sexual gratification, amongst many other issues in our society.

For many years, I was struggling with my own hidden demons. 

When I was an insecure, judgemental, possessive, jealous little boy living in the body of a man, I used to be a part of this problem. I would unknowingly fill the void within, and try to mask my own insecurities and inflate my own ego by often unconsciously seeking out women for my own gratification.

I'd view women for my own hedonistic pursuit and desire for personal pleasure, without being honest to them about it.

There was a lack of respect and I'd take advantage of a woman's vulnerability in some way.

I'd fail to recognize and honor the sacredness of the Yoni and feminine energy in general.

For all of that, I humbly apologize to these women, and for the person I used to be.

This is not to say I was a heartless human and held no emotion or connection. I was under-educated and very misguided.

I have no qualms allowing myself to be raw, open, authentic, and to expose my past flaws; to show that people make mistakes. No one is perfect. 
And people have certain habits, patterns and act the way the do, not necessarily because they're horrible people, or that they do it on purpose, but moreso due to (often unbeknownst) societal and cultural conditioning, ingrained beliefs or traumas during childhood, who and what we're exposed to from a young age, and the experiences we obtain from thereon in.

I'm almost 100% certain there are people that scoff at me, or judge me for being too open now and sharing what I do, or for spouting love and light, etc. 
I say - Ditch the stigmas. Ditch the dogmas. Your ego is not your amigo.

A perception can say more about the perceiver than the one being perceived.

I may have the same name and the same face: the same shell. But internally, it's like a whole new operating system has been installed.

Through my own deep reflection and development this past year, and exploring my own sexuality through reading, attending workshops, surrounding myself with other like minded men and women, and also expanding my consciousness, shedding superfluous layers of conditioning, and going through a complete metamorphosis of character through my work with the ancient plant medicines, I've really come to appreciate how sacred the feminine is, what it means to cultivate both masculine and feminine energy within, and how fulfilling and crucial it is to develop real connections, from the heart, with all kinds of people, especially when intimacy is concerned.

It doesn't have to be a serious relationship to acknowledge and respect the vulnerability of a woman opening herself up to a man, and vice versa.

The workshop was eye opening and profound. I walked away with a lot, in particular:

  • A much greater understanding of female anatomy.
  • A deeper appreciation for tantra and sensuality.
  • How crucial it is to be grounded, and to be able to create and hold presence and space for a woman to relax and experience these states of pleasure.
  • And a new found respect for the sacredness of the Yoni: where life is created and born, which has been revered and worshipped in ancient cultures and rituals for thousands of years.

There was a lot more to the workshop, including juicy, live demonstrations and rituals, but these things can't really be articulated properly without the subjective reader taking away a perception that may not be true to the meaning intended from the experience.

All I can say here is, do yourself a favour and look into attending a sexuality workshop or two. Allow yourself to open up and explore what it means to be a fully unrestricted human being. Don't be afraid to push the boundaries of what we're accustomed to from the societal and cultural norms, so that we can live a more liberated life and soak in the entire essence from the short experience here on this planet.

Feeling very humbled and grateful that these kinds of teachings are becoming more accessible.

No matter what our interests and personalities may be, the direction we all should be taking, is one of an open mind, and an open heart, and sharing what we learn and our knowledge and wisdom with others; to spark curiosity and encouragement for others to continue to sprout, grow, open their buds and expose their own petals within, flaws and all.


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