Brief Reflections On Finding Clarity, Direction, Meaning & Purpose Through Sacred Plant Medicines

Brief Reflections On Finding Clarity, Direction, Meaning & Purpose Through Sacred Plant Medicines

Back when I first felt the calling to work with sacred plant medicines, one of the reasons was to gain clarity and direction; to find meaning and purpose in my life. At the time, I was trading time for money, working a job in a factory that I couldn't care less about. I knew it was only short term, but I didn't know what REALLY pushed my buttons.

Not the bad buttons. The good buttons. The buttons that inspired me. The buttons that I wanted to spend the rest of my life pushing. I had interests, but nothing that I could see myself pursuing as a career, or spending hours upon hours investing in something that I could try and make a living from. I thought the plant medicines could help. In particular, Ayahuasca and Huachuma. And they did. They helped immensely.

That's why I do what I do and help the people I help now. Ayahuasca helped remove a lot of the dirt and grime that had piled on top of me over the years, through all of the social and cultural conditioning. It helped me re-see the gold underneath that had been there all along; the gold I'd just forgotten about and didn't know how to make my way back to. Huachuma helped me come deeper into the present moment, filling my heart with more compassion, more love. Love for myself, love for my friends, love for my family. 

After my initial pilgrimage to Peru, I certainly gained clarity and direction; but it wasn't quite the clarity and direction that I was after. I was looking to discover my purpose, my calling, the things that were of most meaning to me. The gift that I was to share with the world!

But the clarity and direction that I was given, was to do the work on myself first. How on Earth could I really discover my 'higher purpose', if I had so much work to do when it came to developing myself into a better human being. I had to sort out my emotional triggers, my traumas and issues I'd carried around since childhood. I had to cultivate my character, work on my communication skills, dissolve the callouses and armour that had built up around my heart - so that I could both give and receive more love and have more meaningful and fulfilling relationships with family and friends.

I had to explore more of what it meant to be a spiritual human being, intellectually and experientially. I had to remove the masks that I'd worn throughout my life, so that I could come more into my truth, my higher self - not who I thought other's expected me to be, but who I actually felt I was. I had to accept myself, flaws and all, light and dark, while still striving to become the man I knew I wanted to become. It was only after I'd done a lot of this work on myself, that more of the puzzle pieces began to fall into place.

I knew that I wasn't going to randomly wake up one day and find more meaning and purpose. I had to CREATE more meaning and purpose. And I could only tap into more of my potential and be in a place for this type of creation to occur if I'd resolved a lot of what was holding me back. If you're looking to find more meaning and purpose in your life, it’s important to realise that most of us aren't going to FIND it... We need to create it.

Sure, some of us feel a calling towards something in particular, just as I did towards this path. But even still, we have to pursue whatever it is that's beckoning us to take a closer look. We have to pursue these interests. We learn. We develop our skills. We gain more competence. We find that we're spending more time and energy on these things. Because of this, we're getting better at whatever it is we do. We gain a deeper sense of confidence and enthusiasm towards something we only initially had an interest or calling towards.

Through our own actions, these interests and activities become purposeful. Purposeful activities. And we fill our lives with purposeful and meaningful activities. That is how we get to a stage of meaning and purpose. Through creating it! It's a positive feedback loop. 

As we continue to work on ourselves and shed off the layers of self that aren't serving us, we find more clarity and direction about what we need to work on. This reveals more of ourselves to ourselves. Through our own exploration, we begin to adopt more meaning and purpose into our lives. And through this we shed off more superfluous layers of self, coming into more clarity and direction about which way to point the needle of our compass.

I know the clarity and direction isn't always evident though. Sometimes we feel stuck. Really stuck. But often we're only stuck because we're not addressing the thing that's staring us straight in the face. Often it's something that is uncomfortable. It's outside our comfort zone. We know we'd have to push our own boundaries. But we don't. Because it's scary. Or we don't know how. 

That's why when we're walking the medicine path, it's SOOOO crucial to have a supportive community behind us. Or a support team of some kind. To help guide us back to the lighthouse beacon when the waves of life get a little bit rough! There’s several fundamental puzzle pieces that go hand in hand with supportive community and sacred medicines. I go into great detail in Sacred Psychedelics, so if you’re looking to get some extra insight into the preparation, exploration and integration stages of the psychedelic experience, check it out.

Otherwise, if you've made it this far and you’re feeling like you can't tap into your calling, your gifts, your meaning, or your purpose, I’m here to say… don't stress! Perhaps your journey right now is all about doing the work on yourself, leading you further and deeper down the rabbit hole of discovering who you really are and why you're really here. The plant medicines can be such an incredible catalyst for attaining states of consciousness that allow us to seek more self-discovery, healing, exploration, growth, transformation and wisdom, but as always, we have to be prepared to make the commitment and continue to do the work ourselves.

If you’re looking for some extra guidance, you can always get in touch with me directly.

In health, gratitude and purpose,

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