A Sacred Prayer To The Waters Of The World

A Sacred Prayer To The Waters Of The World


Water is the first foundation for our life. We begin our lives in the sacred fluid of our mothers wombs, and continue our lives in sync with the waters of the world. As the Great Cycle continues to turn, the fluid of our bodies is that of the great lakes, oceans, streams, rivers and rain. In water, we are all connected.

Sweet spirit of water, receive this flow of gratitude and appreciation for nourishing our lives into existence, and supporting all kin on our planet.

Our bodies, and our planet, are roughly ¾ water. The transcendent qualities of water allow it to move through land, sea and sky. It floats in the clouds above, forming perfect geometric snowflakes that caress the crowns of mountaintop, solidifying into crystalline structures upon glacial peaks. It falls down as sacred rain, hydrating the land below.

It forms gentle streams with the zen-like softness found in Japanese gardens. We find it in mighty rivers and raging torrents; carving out canyons like a stick in the sand, throwing boulders like a child throws toys across the room. We find it in the calm stillness of a frozen lake. From the vast oceans, the ebb and flow of cresting waves, the trickle of water in underground caves, to the refreshing spray of waterfalls, we find this essential element everywhere on our planet.

Water nourishes us and quenches our thirst. It supports us when we swim, and cleanses us when we bathe. We wash our hands, wash our dishes, wash our clothes, flush our toilets, and water our plants, many of us without a second thought of just how precious water is in our lives.

This sacred element is so vital, that when we look for life on other planets, the first thing we seek is water.

Yet as precious as it is, we waste it, we pollute it, we disrespect it, we approach it from a place of disconnection. When the torrential rains come to greet us, rather than seeing the beauty before us, we automatically exclaim what a “bad day” it is.

I put up this prayer in the hope that we flow swiftly yet gently down the rivers of rememberance; to the same ancient waterways of our ancestral connections.


Water is the element of emotions. Much of water’s activity happens below the surface, just like the submerged nature of our feelings within. Water carries lessons on the importance of being in flow, becoming toxic in stagnation, finding our own unique path around obstacles, and allowing our emotional reservoirs to flow and be felt.

Opening up to this elemental spirit means embracing and honouring all emotions. Just as we have the power to heal the waters, water has the power to heal us. How deeply can we allow our hearts to surrender into the deluge and depths of feelings within, from tears of sorrow, to tears of joy?

Our energetic field carries the signature of our thoughts within, so when we come with sincere conscious intention towards water, we are infusing our own energy into water. So as we come to the water, we come with gratitude, and we pray.

We pray for the men, women and children who carry water daily over long distances in scorching temperatures. We pray for our relations who stand against those who try to take away our right to have access to clean water, not realizing that our water protectors are protecting their waters too. We offer our apologies for our wastage, our pollution, and our disrespect. We pray for guidance to use water wisely, to consume it sparingly, to protect its purity, and to learn from its energy.

We offer our prayers for the health of the worlds waters, we offer our prayers for our sons and our daughters, our brothers and sisters, our elders to come, ancestors, all kin, on our planet as one. And we pray that more of humanity sets sail towards the shores of remembrance and reconnection.

Simply put, without water, we would die.

So as we come together as water warriors, water healers, water dreamers and water teachers, we pay our respects and honour the powers of water, as a sacred wisdom keeper, and giver of life. May these prayers, blessings and offerings be received in gratitude, respect and sincerity, allowing ourselves to play our part in the great remembrance, and allowing water to play its part in the great re-harmonizing of our body-mind-spirit-nature connection.

Water is sacred. Water is life.

To all our relations.


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