Ever gazed up at our beautiful night sky on a peaceful evening...

And roared at the universe in frustration?!


Yeah I know... A little bit cringe-worthy and dramatic, right?!

Seriously though, if you’ve had any experience or interest in utilising Sacred Medicines or Psychedelics for the purpose of self-discovery, adventure, healing, exploration and transformation, you’d have reason to.

There are many ways to view these tools, but if you’re here, you probably hold a lot of interest and curiosity towards working with these powerful medicines to attain healing, insights, knowledge and wisdom about how to better your life.

And that’s where the frustration comes in:

  • Because they can be hard to access.
  • Because they’re illegal (in most places).
  • Because people aren’t open to these methods of healing because of the misinformation, disinformation, negative connotations and heavy stigma that have circulated for way too long.
  • Because a large part of society is too sucked into the matrix to consider the possibility that they’ve been fed a LOT of misinformation over the years.

THAT’S part of the reason why I created this site.

Not to necessarily provide you with the stock-standard psychedelic education or the latest in scientific research; there are plenty of fantastic websites that already do that.

My purpose here is to allow my voice to trickle through the internet and add to the stance for reclaiming our sovereign right to explore consciousness.

To join the global tribe in stepping out of the psychedelic closet; helping to reframe these tools of transformation.

To share my own experiences and insights on this beautiful path of healing and growth.

To provide tools, frameworks, knowledge and wisdom, to help guide others on their own paths of personal evolution.

My name's Chris. 

I'm a coach, mentor, practitioner and ambassador, for the safe and responsible use of sacred medicines and psychedelics for healing, exploration and transformation.

Medicine Path Chris Kelly

Over the past few years, I've undergone a complete metamorphosis of character: transitioning from a life of unconscious egotism; processing and healing lifetimes of emotional baggage and limiting beliefs, into a life of cultivating meaning, purpose, curiosity, exploration, and generally trying to be as integrated as I can be!

One of the main catalysts for my growth was my initial journey to the Amazon to work with various sacred medicines.

Although I’ve explored countless other self-development modalities, these particular methods of deep self-inquiry have continued to play the most pivotal role in transforming my life.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing though...

After returning from my initial pilgrimage to Peru, it took a long time for me to find my feet.

A lot longer than I would have liked!

I had to learn how to blindly navigate a bunch of obstacles and challenges:

  • Having my inner world flipped upside down, while the outer world was still the same.
  • Processing and healing emotional baggage and trauma.
  • Recognizing and transforming my addictive, unhealthy beliefs and behaviours.
  • Finding my tribe; the people I really truly connected with.
  • Bridging the gap between family and loved ones.
  • Trying to figure out how I could make a living doing something I really truly cared about.
  • Wanting more clarity, direction, meaning and purpose in life.

Have you ever laid in bed and thought, “This can’t be it, there’s gotta be MORE to life…”

Yeah, me too! And there is.

I wish I had the tools, techniques, skills, frameworks and knowledge I have now, so that the transition back into this reality - while redesigning my life - was as smooth as possible!

Having an interest and diving deep into studying consciousness, eastern philosophy, psychology, biology, human behaviour, sexuality, shamanism, health & wellness, entrepreneurship, and personal evolution played a significant role in my growth.

Combining the best modalities I found from workshops, seminars, courses, events, books, maps, models and mentors, I carved my own path and figured out how to transcend out of mediocrity into a life where I’m genuinely stoked to get up each morning.

Part of my mission is to help others who feel similar frustrations, who face similar challenges, who have their own hopes and dreams; so that they can tap into more of their potential; aligning their lives to their own values, virtues, meaning, purpose, heart and spirit, through the use of working with shamanic medicines and psychedelics.

Walking this path of healing, exploration and transformation, I've established some core beliefs...

  • I believe in seeking to be as integrated and self-aware as possible.
  • I believe we live in a time where we can redesign our lives to align with our heart and spirit.
  • I believe that we do the work not only for ourselves, but for the benefit of all around us, and in doing so, become leaders, holding the torch for others to follow.
  • I believe sacred medicines and psychedelics will be one of the great catalysts of consciousness; playing a key role in the transformation of our planet.
  • I believe that preparation and integration are key elements to the psychedelic experience, and with the right tools, tips, knowledge and wisdom, we can optimize our growth to more clarity, direction, meaning and purpose.
  • I believe everyone already has the wisdom inside of them to transform their lives, sometimes it just takes some guidance from others who've been there and made it through the other side.

I aspire to inspire, and know that aligning to my own path, sharing my knowledge and all that I've gained, and being a beacon of light, will help others illuminate their own.

To explore how to optimize your own journey of working with Shamanic Medicines and Psychedelics, let's connect!

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Thanks for being here, don't forget to say hello, and welcome to Medicine Path.

Big loveChris

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